Have you heard of the secret

“touch-tone millionaires”?

A secret five-minute phone call – which lets you legally bypass brokers and stock exchanges – could enable you to bank $7,565 per month…

Here’s how to get in on the millionaire-creating marvel Wall Street hides from you…

“I’ve been using this same strategy you share with readers for 25 years. I started with $25,000 and have built it up to millions, while being able to give away millions in the process.”

-Wayne Bell, Lansing, Michigan


Dear Reader,

Have you heard of the “touch-tone millionaires”?

Wall Street hates them…

Money managers loathe them…

That’s because they’ve discovered a way to completely avoid brokers. And potentially bank $7,565 per month in extra income over the coming years.

All by making a secret five-minute toll-free phone call.

Take Doug Fox in Villa Hills, Kentucky, who says, “[It’s] been the primary strategy allowing me to accumulate a retirement estate well into seven figures (while putting four children through college).

Or Wayne Bell in Lansing, Michigan, who tells me, “I’ve been using the same strategy you share with readers for 25 years. I started with $25,000 and have built it up to millions, while being able to give away millions in the process.”

As well as several other regular Americans.

In short, it’s a technique for getting shares that can give you three TIMES more gains than shares you get the old-fashioned way.

These special shares have the power to multiply in value and in number – automatically.

You can even get these shares at a discount to what others pay on the open market. That’s like getting an instant gain, the day you buy shares.

But you can’t get them through a broker. Or by going through the regular stock exchange.

Instead, you receive them by making a special five-minute toll-free phone call.

That’s why I call the people using this secret the “touch-tone millionaires.”

But brokers won’t tell you about this secret because they can’t make a single cent from it.

While Wall Street has done its best to make sure you never find out about this secret, that hasn’t stopped some financial journals around the country from leaking the details about it.

  • The Motley Fool says it’s “the easiest way to become a millionaire.”
  • DailyFinance says this strategy “could net you a multimillion-dollar nest egg.”

The sweetest part? It doesn’t matter what your age or your income level is.

Because you can start using this secret immediately – right now – with as little as $50.

You simply make the call and you can set yourself up to generate more money than you ever have before – in ANY market – with any style of investing.

It could easily be the most important phone call you’ll ever make.

So let me give you the full details right now…

How a quick five-minute phone call could
forever change your life

The Sun Sentinel calls this secret “an excellent way to build wealth.”

And it’s not hard to see why…

Just take the story of Barbara Simmons from St. Louis. She worked as an auditor at the IRS.

In her 23 years of service, she never received any significant raise in her salary. She had a difficult time keeping up with her bills, let alone putting money away for retirement.

So Barbara decided that if she wanted to achieve her dream retirement, she was going to have to do something different.

But she didn’t want to use a broker. In fact, she vowed to never use a broker again after being burned by them so many times in the past.

But since she worked for the IRS, she audited the tax statements of the very rich. And that’s how she stumbled upon the “touch-tone millionaires” secret.

She used it to turn a $5,000 stake into enough money to fund her retirement three times over. And she did it WITHOUT using a broker or going through the regular stock exchange.

In fact, she had so much money that she gave most of it away. She donated most of it to her favorite college. There was a scholarship named after her.

I guarantee that once I show you how to do this, you’ll never look at saving for retirement the same way again.

As 55-year old David Cope in Bend, Oregon, says, “I have done extremely well… In fact, I’ve done much better with [this approach] than with my 401(k).”

The Boston Globe is calling it “a retirement plan that leads to easy street.”

And the Orlando Sentinel says, “It’s a painless method to boost a stock portfolio.”

But you won’t become a “touch-tone millionaire” through the regular stock market. And that’s what makes this secret so incredibly lucrative.

Whether stocks go up or down, you can set yourself up to bank thousands in extra income every single month – without using a broker – by calling a simple, toll-free number.

You'll never have to pay huge fees and commissions to brokers ever again. (Which is one of the reasons why you’ve probably never heard of this before).

But don’t worry, this is perfectly legal. In fact, investors in America have been using this secret since the early 1960s.

So let me show you why Seeking Alpha calls it “one of the easiest ways to build a retirement nest egg.”

You could triple your money… whether
stocks move up or down

The “touch-tone millionaires” secret begins with making a simple phone call using a toll-free number.

There are no meetings you have to go to. And no money managers you have to talk to.

By following this secret approach, your initial investment could return up to three TIMES MORE than if you’d invested through the regular stock market.

Take Realty Income Corp., for instance. It’s a company that owns commercial real estate that it leases to many of America’s most popular retailers, including Taco Bell, Rite Aid, Jiffy Lube, CVS pharmacies, AMC movie theaters and more.

Suppose you had bought Realty Income Corp. back in 1997, through a broker. You’d have seen a big return – more than tripling your money.

But if you invested using the “touch-tone” approach, you’d have made a 1,358% return over the exact same time period – outperforming what you’d have seen investing through a broker by almost three TIMES.

Have a look:

Or consider AT&T. Suppose you’d bought this telecom stock the old-fashioned way back in 1996. You’d have done well. But by using the “touch-tone” technique, you’d have made over two times more… a 221% gain.

Or take another well-known company, Clorox. Again, suppose you’d bought shares using the “touch-tone” secret in 1995. Well – once more – your gains would have crushed the performance of the stock bought the old-fashioned wayfor a 748% total return.

There’s simply no ignoring the profit power of this strategy…

Better still, you’ll never have to worry about which way the market is heading. As Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine says, “A bear market? A bull market? So what. With the [“touch-tone” technique] you can be all but indifferent to the direction of prices, because you win either way.” 

So how can buying shares using the “touch-tone” secret generate returns so much faster than regular shares bought the old-fashioned way?

Let me explain…

Better than your broker

As I mentioned before, in order to take advantage of the “touch-tone” secret, you don’t call a broker, money manager, a financial advisor or anyone who works on Wall Street.

Instead, you call a representative working for the company you want to own shares of. You receive the shares directly from them.

This way, you cut brokers right out of the picture. So you may never have to pay huge fees to brokers ever again! Meanwhile, by investing directly, you’re set up to automatically accumulate more shares – without ever investing another penny. Over time, you could see the yield on those shares grow 10 times larger!

Why do companies offer investors this remarkable opportunity? Well, because it attracts investors… and that means more money. Meanwhile, brokers don’t receive a single cent.

Of course, not every company offers this. (This is available for roughly 7% of all US firms.)

That’s why I’ll tell you exactly which companies to call and exactly what to say to them. The call is toll-free. And it takes about five minutes. More on that in a moment.

Instant discount!

As I said, in some cases, you even get the chance to own shares in the companies you’ve chosen at a FAT discount to what others pay on the open market.

As the Sun Sentinel reports, “The discount, in effect, provides an ‘instant’ profit as well as a cushion against price declines.”

Just how big of a discount am I talking about here?

The discount can range from as little as 1% to as much as 10%.

So you get the opportunity to own stocks BELOW market price, without paying broker fees!

But the discount isn’t the only perk you can get.

Many of these companies give you other little goodies when you buy shares directly from them.

For instance, Wrigley sends you a container with 20 packs of chewing gum.

Hilton and Marriott shareholders receive room discounts. Disney discounts 20% off the Magic Kingdom Club. Anheuser-Busch takes 15% off admission to Busch Gardens or SeaWorld.

The ultimate retirement
“catch-up” strategy

What I find even better is the opportunity this will give you to pile up even more “future” wealth.

Especially once you consider that with the “touch-tone” technique, as your initial stake grows, you could see your yield on those shares grow up to 10 times larger.

Take a look at the chart:

As you can see, a regular interest-paying account can take $10,000 and more than double it. But it would take close to 30 years.

You’d get a slightly better result if you put that same $10,000 into an account that compounds interest. After the same period, you’d have over four times your money – $10,000 growing into $44,677.

But let’s suppose you were to take the “touch-tone” approach, assuming the company currently offers a 5% dividend yield and has a 10% growth rate over the next 30 years.

The “touch-tone” strategy could turn that $10,000 into more than $24.6 million.

I don’t have to tell you that crushes the results on the more boring moves. But in case you don’t feel like doing the math… that’s a showing of over 552 times better!

In other words, over time, as the base size of your wealth grows, the already large income stream – that is, every single dividend you bank – gets larger too.

It’s like packing 30 years of retirement planning into just a few years.

Remember: Only a certain number of companies allow this type of investing.

Some big – others small. Some well-known, others obscure… some in energy, tech, retail, others in health care, fast food and metals. Essentially, they have nothing in common. Other than the “touch-tone” secret.

But the fact is each and every one of these companies has the potential to make you a “touch-tone millionaire” by selling you shares directly over the phone. No stockbrokers involved.

So I bet you’re asking…

Why isn’t everyone doing this?

There are a few reasons…

For starters, most investors don’t even know this lucrative secret exists.

That’s because the SEC forbids companies from advertising these opportunities to the general public.


Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, “because brokers and fund managers can't sock you with big fees and commissions if you buy stocks directly from a company.”

It also enables you to increase your yield to an amount that’s potentially much bigger over time than you’d see simply buying shares on an exchange… or through a broker.

In other words, the financial community knows you’d probably never use a broker again if companies could advertise this to everyone.

That’s why The Wall Street Journal calls it “the best-kept secret on Wall Street.”

As Brian Cole in Albuquerque, New Mexico, says, I’ve saved almost $3,000 in commissions… That’s money now working for me.”

Heck, even a traditional 401(k) plan will cost the average Joe an incredible $109,000 in fees!

But with the “touch-tone” technique, you won’t have to pay fees or commissions to brokers ever again.

In short, not only could this strategy make you more money than you’ve ever made before – in ANY market – but it could also SAVE you a fortune, too.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do this.

I have a confession to make

Not everyone using the “touch-tone” technique becomes a millionaire. But even so, the returns are truly off the charts.

Much better than you could get from any conventional 401(k) or pension plan I know of.

  • “I now have about $82,000,” explains Jack Burns in Philadelphia.
  • Retired civil engineer Linda Mann in Dallas says she has grown a $10,000 investment into $102,500.

So just to be clear, you shouldn’t expect to make $1 million overnight using this technique.

But… if you’re seeking a proven, reliable way to build long-term wealth, I believe this strategy may be perfect for you.

As retired teacher Brian Cole says, “It's a get-rich-eventually scheme. I’m not a millionaire yet, but it’s not far away.”

Arty Jacobs in San Francisco has made $165,044 off this strategy so far. And he calls the peace of mind he gets using this secret “priceless.”

That’s why I’ve put together a brand-new research report explaining, step by step, what you need to know to get started using this powerful secret right away.

It’s called “The Touch-tone Millionaires.

In my report, I’ll tell you everything you need to know. I’ll tell you my top four recommended companies that anyone in America can buy shares directly from… by making a quick five-minute toll-free phone call.

Plus, I’ll also tell you which firm is offering the best payout right now.

My guess is you’ve probably heard of most of these companies before – they are some of the biggest and safest in America.

You probably just never realized that they offered this.

You’ll learn exactly whom to call, what to say to them and much more.

You'll also learn how much we expect you could make with all of these shares over the next five-, 10-, and 20-year periods.

There’s zero limit on how many of these income streams you lock in at once.

But by now, perhaps you're wondering why you should trust me…

Why listen to me?

Hi. My name’s Jim Nelson and I don't have a degree in finance or economics…

I've never worked for a hedge fund or brokerage firm, either…

I'm just a regular guy fascinated with the stock market. When I was 14, I bought my first stocks and have been hooked ever since.

But don't let my lack of “traditional” credentials put you off…

See, I used to be the editor of the popular Lifetime Income Report, a monthly newsletter showing readers how to collect steady, growing income.

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On top of that, readers holding each play will have received dozens of dividend checks every single quarter!

That’s what counts, right? Results!

And here's how folks have benefited from what I recommend…

“Jim, I’ve been using the same strategy you share with readers for 25 years. I started with $25,000 and have built it up to millions, while being able to give away millions in the process.” – Wayne Bell

“I love your work and have followed your advice for some time. Your analysis and research is TOP-NOTCH. Your writing and breakdown to where ‘non-analysis types’ can understand it is SUPERB.”– Fred Booth

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I hope you’ll be able to write me a success letter like one of these soon. And you can take the first step toward your success with my full research report, “The Touch-tone Millionaires.

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But before I tell you how to claim your copy, I’d like to show you another incredible opportunity you can take advantage of immediately.

“The Ultimate Dividend Stock
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I think this stock has a perfect combination of income and growth potential. And you can apply the “touch-tone millionaires” secret to it in order to accelerate your gains.

It's an established, 44-year-old company that already pays a hefty dividend. Better yet, the company has increased its dividend payouts every year since 2004.

Better still, this dividend stock's share price could soar as soon as 2014.

This company manufactures key components for expensive but essential technology: smartphones, laptops, desktops, servers and more.

In America and Europe, this market has already gone through its “hyper-growth” stage. Every business has computers, and everybody owns a smartphone. There's not as much opportunity as there once was.

But in Asia…

Even in 2013, most Asians still can't afford these technological luxuries. That's all about to quickly change…

Billions of Asians are on the verge of lifting themselves from lower to middle class. The East Asia Forum predicts Asia will add 2.5 billion people to the world's middle class in the next 20 years.

To put this in perspective, the total number of middle-class people in America and Europe is about 1 billion.

Adding 2.5 billion Asian middle-class consumers to the market means this company's revenue potential could more than TRIPLE!

And I predict the share price will do the same when savvy investors put the dots together just as I have.

There’s more… Remember, it's a generous dividend payer too. So even if the share price doesn't move one bit, you could still bank profits!

Right now, the company's dividend yield is around 4%. This may not seem too impressive at first glance, but since 2007, this company has more than DOUBLED its dividend rate…

In other words, if you got a $5,000 dividend check from this company every quarter in 2007, today you'd be getting a $10,000 dividend check ever quarter, without ever investing any more money in the company!

If this aggressive growth rate continues, it won’t take long before the company DOUBLES its payouts to shareholders again.

So just what is this amazing stock?

Everything you need to know is compiled in my research report “The Ultimate Dividend Stock for 2013 (and Forever).”

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Income & Dividend Report

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Well, before I give you the surprising details, there’s one more unique opportunity I’d like to share with you.

How to get monthly checks from North Dakota’s untapped $2.1 trillion oil giant

Oil production has soared by 500% in North Dakota over the last few years, thanks to the disruptive drilling technology known as “fracking.”

It now produces more than 750,000 barrels per day, and many experts think North Dakota will be pumping out 2 million barrels per day by the end of the decade.

But get this: The current production level may be only the tip of the iceberg.

If estimates about a nearby, mostly untapped oil field are true…

There could be another 24 billion barrels of oil waiting to be pumped.

That’s enough to satisfy current US demand for three years – from one field alone.

Right now, that much oil is worth $2.1 TRILLION.

It’s called the Three Forks oil field, and Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources, is betting big on it.

North Dakota oil has already made Hamm a multibillionaire.

Shares of Hamm’s company – Continental Resources – have already soared 435% since the company began drilling in North Dakota’s Bakken oil field.

The Bakken oil field – the source of this whole oil boom – is 10,000 feet underground.

But the Three Forks oil field is below that, separated by a large piece of dense rock.

Most of it, as yet, is untapped.

Because they’re just now drilling extensively, geologists’ estimates are continuing to climb. There may be more oil in the Three Forks than even Hamm realizes.

Once Three Forks’ production gets rolling, perhaps later this year, the amount of oil flowing out of North Dakota could double.

But I won’t chase expensive stocks like Continental Resources, hoping for a triple. I think that’s a philosophy better suited for speculative investors.

Instead, I want income. I want companies that deliver steady profits over a long-term period. And I want to see them give large amounts of those profits back to shareholders.

That’s why I’m so excited about this backdoor North Dakota play.

It has a royalty stake in the Bakken fracking operations – and a vast asset base generating a consistent cash flow.

And this company is required by law to pay 90% of its profits to shareholders.

Even better, this company sends you a cut of its profits EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

Over the last five years, the company has returned 145% – and it’s currently yielding a dividend of 8.5%.

That’s enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $24,500 profits.

Those are great numbers…

But if billions of barrels of Three Forks oil start coming online, you can imagine how much fatter your dividend payments could be.

You could make a killing over the coming months while collecting almost 9% in income every year.

You'll get the full details on this opportunity in my special report How to Collect Monthly Income From North Dakota’s Secret $2.1 Trillion Oil Giant.

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Signature, Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson
Editor, Income & Dividend Report
May 2013

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